Aesthetic Dermatology

An aesthetic dermatologist performs procedures on the skin, hair, or body to improve the patient’s outward look.

Aesthetic dermatology is the branch of medicine that aims to improve one’s appearance rather than treat or prevent illness. A patient’s psychological well-being can gain from aesthetic dermatology’s unintended but welcome result of boosted confidence and positive body image.

What Aesthetic Dermatologist Offer

An overview of the aesthetic treatments we provide and their intended outcomes follows.

BOTOX treatments: most commonly used to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes (crow’s feet).

Dermal fillers: can be used to add fullness to thin lips or to rejuvenate wrinkled hands. They are most commonly utilised to restore youthful contours to the cheeks and mouth.

Chemical peels: To treat problems including fine lines and wrinkles, blotchiness, and overall dullness, you need to use chemicals only available through a doctor’s prescription.

Mole removal: can be performed for diagnostic or cosmetic reasons. The two processes are typically very simple and rapid.

Tattoo removal: One of the most cutting-edge lasers available is employed, whose adjustable settings mean it can be used on various skin tones and ink colours at varying depths.

Laser treatment for pigmented lesions: Melasma, sun spots, and brown spots are some skin pigmentation concerns that laser treatment can lighten.

Micro-needling: can improve fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture. The fine needles are designed to promote the body’s healing mechanisms, increasing collagen formation.Dermaplaning:  is a type of exfoliating skincare that uses a surgical blade to remove the superficial hairs off the face.


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