Five Museums to visit near Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park is in the wonderful city of London. It is the largest of 4 Royal Parks. In 1536, it was established by Henry VIII. There are many different museums to choose from that are located near Hyde Park. All of which are free admission. If you plan on getting a full experience and want to visit them all, it is recommended you book a night in a hotel. On Hyde Park you can find Royal Lancaster London, which overlooks the wonderful park itself.



Science Museum

The Science Museum is one of the greatest museums in London and is one of the cities major tourist attraction. The museum holds a collection of other 300,000 items! It has a dedicated library and up until the 1960’s, it was Britain’s National Library for science. The museum now attracts 3.3 million visitors annually. It has some of the most famous items such as the very first jet engine and the first documented typewriter. An estimated number of 450,00 school children visit the Science Museum on educational trips. This is much more than any other UK museum.


National History Museum

The National History Museum, also known as The British Museum, is one of the 3 major museums in London and is famous for it’s exhibition of ornate architecture and dinosaur skeletons. The museum has a library containing books, manuscripts and journals. It is home to earth and life science specimens including 80 million items within 5 main collections, zoology, palaeontology, mineralogy, botany and entomology.


Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert museum is the worlds largest museum of design and decorative arts. The museum is a permanent home to 2.27 million objects! This museum was named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.


The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum.

The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum was created after the second world war had ended to sustain the memory of the Polish armed forces and also their contribution towards the war. There are free tours available for both English and Polish speakers. The museum opens on Tuesday through to Friday, 2pm-4pm and on the first Saturday of the month from 10:30am-4pm.


The Guards Museum

The Guards Museum is a military museum and is home to the 5 regiments of foot guards, (Cold stream Guards, Scots Guards, Grenadier Guards, Irish Guards and Welsh Guards,) The museum opened up in 1988. There are sculptures, paintings, weapons, models and art facts, all of which are aimed to interest and teach the visitor what its like being a soldier in the guards.


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