Top free things to do in West London

Top Free Things You Can Do in West London

West London has a lot that can be done without costing you any money. Many of which are fun activities and which you ought to derive pleasure while engaging in them. Some of the free activities that we can recommend you to undertake in West London include:


Visit West London’s Parks


West London boasts of green leafy parks that you can consider visiting. These parks include; Green Park and Richmond park which are ideal for a picnic and free outdoor fun. All you need is a few snacks to keep you full if you intend to stay there for unlimited time.


Visiting a Public Library

Libraries are a beautiful place to visit and spend your time reading free unlimited books. This is a unique way to relax while at the same time sharpening your knowledge from the rich source of information at your disposal.


Touring West London Streets

Some of West London’s streets have great decoration and architecture that offer a great sight to view as you take a leisure walk. Touring the streets offer you a chance to view the city and understand the way of life of the west London residents.


Tour the Covent Garden


Touring the market places at the Covent garden is a great way to spend your leisure time with a zero budget. The garden has street entertainment that makes the garden an enjoyable place to tour.


Tour the Ruislip Lido

Visiting Ruislip Lido lake is a great way to unwind. The lake offers a nice relaxation as you enjoy the cool breeze blowing over the lake especially on a sunny day. Carrying some snacks and a good book will offer you the best company.


Visit an Art Gallery

You can opt to visit the Alexander art gallery to see the great art work preserved there. This will enable you to appreciate the contribution of art in the society.

If you’re willing to travel up the Northern Line, or take the narrow boat from Little Venice down to Camden Market you can find a great day out (best to go during the weekdays in the summer months)


The activities mentioned above are some of the best ways that we recommend you to undertake in West London under a zero budget. The outdoor sites are breath taking and are great places to unwind and relax while touring West London and its environs especially as a traveller. The K-West Hotel & Spa is a great place to reside during your visit as you get to know West London better. Visiting the various sites mentioned above afford you the opportunity to know West London. Ensure when you visit London, you get a great place to spend your time.


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