What to expect at Kew Gardens, London, this Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches, the botanical world at Kew Gardens awaits with its seasonal cheers. Here is what you can expect from this year’s festivities.

What are the Kew Gardens festivities all about

This year’s annual Kew Gardens after-dark festivities will be between 17th November 2021 and 9th January 2022. Kew Gardens is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage site and a biodiversity wonder, making the annual festivals even more appealing. The festivities will usually take place between 4 pm – 10 pm. The yearly celebrations are a great way to enjoy the magical trail lights with family and friends. This will be the 9th year that this event will be taking place. The festivities also offer family tickets, which means you can enjoy the holidays with your kids, and they can even have some fun with Father Christmas along the trail. The experience during this annual event is always one to look out for, and you can also expect to find affordable hotels near Kew Gardens.

What to expect

Visitors to Kew Gardens, London, will get to enjoy mesmerising flickering lights along the trails, with trees coloured with sparkling light displays. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the spectacular show of flames at the Fire Garden and feast their eyes on the magnificent illuminations. There are also plenty of food vendors along the way serving hot delicious foods and chocolate. This year’s event will feature the lighting of the Temperate and Palm houses. Visitors will also be treated to the site of a dome of light reflecting on the water pool as they cross the lake. Visitors looking forward to walking under the stars of Kew Gardens are advised to plan early and book in advance since there will be limited capacity during this year’s event.

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