How do you know you have skin cancer?

Skin cancer can occur anywhere on your body. It is also the easiest to find as the doctor does not have to explore inside the body. However, since there are several conditions that look like different types of cancer, it may be hard to pin down every discoloration, pimple, or mole as cancer. Unfortunately, cancer can begin anywhere on your skin, including your lips, under nails, genitals, or inside your mouth.

It is important to check your skin at least once a month. Your partner can examine hard-to-see areas such as the back, neck, and scalp. This may help you get medical assistance as soon as possible.

Tell-tale Signs of Skin Cancer

You should have a skin cancer check as soon as they find a suspicious spot. In most cases, the spot will not be painful, itchy, or bleed. However, some cancers have these symptoms. Therefore, do you not wait until you feel changes in your skin or in your body to see a dermatologist.

Here are some skin cancer symptoms that you should be aware of.

  • A changing mole that looks significantly different from others on your skin
  • A dome-shaped growth anywhere on the skin
  • A sore that heals and comes back or a non-healing wound
  • A black or brown streak under the nail
  • A scaly patch

Skin cancer detected early is treatable. However, if it is left to grow, it may be difficult to control. If the dermatologist finds the spot suspicious, they will remove part or all of it through a process called skin biopsy. The skin sample is examined under a microscope.

The biopsy report will explain if the spot is cancerous and the type of cells found. If the condition is cancerous, you will start treatment immediately. However, if the condition is not cancerous, the dermatologist will be able to determine the issue and prescribe the right medication(s) and treatment path.

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