How important is oxygen for the skin?

How important is oxygen for the skin?

It is simple and entirely logical to say that oxygen is of paramount importance for healthy skin. Oxygen isn’t just for breathing and blood circulation. It is vital to nearly every cellular process in the body so the more oxygen the better. You might argue that oxygen is the most important ingredient for healthy, beautiful skin, an ingredient that is more magical than anything that is found in any product on the beauty shelves.

If your body metabolizes oxygen slowly, it shows in your skin. Your complexion will be dull and lifeless, there may be patches of dry or flaky skin and the signs of aging will advance more quickly.

As we age, body processes naturally slow down and that includes oxygen supply to the skin. By the time you reach the age of 40, this supply can have reduced by as much as 50%. Turbo boosting your skin with oxygen can help to tackle all kinds of issues including a boost to the production of collagen and elastin, aid topical moisturisers for better hydration and reduce the production of fine lines and wrinkles.

Despite the massive range of cosmetics, beauty products and beauty procedures, there are not many ways to give your skin a boost of oxygen. There are some ranges of topical products but one of the most effective oxygen-based skin treatments for healthy skin is a carboxy facial.

This regenerative treatment is not widely available so you will need to find a professional dermatology clinic that offers it for a consultation.


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